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Minorca is home to a large number of interesting prehistoric sites, many of which are open to visitors. Below are two of them that, due to their proximity and significance, pair perfectly with a visit to Torralba d'en Salort:

Navetas of Rafal Rubí

The Navetas of Rafal Rubí chamber tombs date from the Bronze Age (1400-850 BC) and are one of the most beautiful and monumental examples of prehistoric funerary architecture in Minorca.

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Location: Camí de Rafal Rubí, Alaior (accessible by the main road Maó-Ciutadella)

So Na Caçana

The So Na Caçana site is considered a group of sanctuaries, as it houses several taula enclosures and two rather unorthodox talayots. Therefore, it seems the site might have served as a religious centre for the population centres located in this part of the island. However, it is still a settlement because it features several houses, two Talayotic circles and a necropolis made up of a large number of burial hypogea (not open to visitors). It dates back to the Middle Bronze Age and was occupied until the Roman period, as evidenced by archaeological remains found in some of its monuments.

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Location: Road from Alaior to Cala en Porter, kilometre point 6, on the right side. See road signs.